Moroversity, an academic activist alliance based in Tampere (Finland), greets the NewUniversityNorway.

Moroversity derives its name from the local vernacular, where “Moro!” is a casual greeting, highlighting the alliance’s informal nature.

Moroversity is active on multiple levels simultaneously.

On the local level Moroversity seeks to act as a space for members of the university community to discuss issues related to higher education and drive forward new ways of conceptualizing the role of higher education in society. We seek to promote critical and joyful thinking, action and education, no matter how large or small form it takes.

Moroversity started to take shape in response to plans to merge three higher education institutions in Tampere, known as the T3 or Tampere3 project. The Moroversity activist alliance is not necessarily opposed to the merger but has expressed concern over the way in which it has been framed and furthered. As we see the university of the future as an inclusive, expansive and genuinely democratic intellectual community, we have proposed that the merger could be used as an opportunity to experiment with progressive forms of decision-making, direct democracy and equal decision-making included.

On the national level Moroversity is joined in solidarity with similar movements across the country to make the voices of the university community heard. Moroversity opposes the devastating cutbacks to education, the commodification of higher education, and tuition fees for non-EU/ETA students which the new government in Finland has set to implement.

While just saying “NO!” has its place at Moroversity, we also seek to overturn the dominant neoliberal discourse through constructive arguments and research data. As the world changes, universities also need to change in order to make the world a fairer, better and more just place for everyone.

On the international level Moroversity stands with all movements sharing its goals. Resistance against the commodification of education is a global phenomenon, and together we stand the strongest. Moroversity also wants to provide a platform for sharing best practices, experiences and ideas of successful acts of university activism.

While solidarity with all movements with similar goals is important to Moroversity, we are in particular happy to join with the NewUniversityNorway initiative.

You can follow Moroversity through our English WordPress website at Moroversity is also active on social media and Facebook, sharing relevant messages and discussion from both local Finnish and international forums (in English).


Photo: Moroversity