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Newuniversitynorway Homepage has been formed as a response to what we see as an increasing commodification of higher education in Norway at a critical time when corporate agendas are undermining public universities and intellectual integrity around the world.

With this web page we hope to create a platform for critical discussions about the future of our universities and what role they should play in society. It forms part of an effort to reclaim this debate which has for too long been left to a small group of politicians and university management. We therefore invite a broad specter of voices to join in in imagining a “New University Norway”.

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  • Foto: Onny Carr

Open post: NTNU sustainability and its future relationship to EU funding – by Peter Gray

Photo: Onny Carr

Internationalisation and research funding are clearly important issues, but EU funding instruments, such as H2020, have not evolved significantly since the early years of the framework programmes. They are constrained by the internal

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ProtestPub – Fremtidens universitet: For hvite menn som pusher 50?

Det stilles stadig høyere krav til de som har ambisjoner om en forskerkarriere. Konkurransen om vitenskapelige stillinger er skjerpet på grunn av en omfattende økning av arbeidstakere med forskerkompetanse, bortfall av faste vitenskapelige stillinger og

  • Photo: Nina Aas Røkkum

ProtestPub: Homeless Academics – A debate about academic mobility and knowledge production

Like many other universities, NTNU has an international strategy plan. The goal is to “strengthen quality and relevance of NTNUs enterprise and increase the international recognition”. Highly skilled researchers are handpicked for temporary positions to aid NTNU reach these goals, but there are no concrete plans to keep these people or give them permanent positions after their projects are finalized.

ProtestPub: Homeless Academics, 9th November at DIGS

ProtestPub is on again, this time organized together with DION the 9th of November at DIGS. The topic is “Homeless academics”. Are Phds and Post docs “the shoes that makes science walk forward”, and does the system provide quality of life and a reliable future for people wanting to work within academia? We hope that everybody interested in, or involved in the production of knowledge will join us in this discussion.

More info on the Facebook event page.

Second Protest Pub: What happens when we measure knowledge?

Publication points, impact factor, excellence, social benefit: all these concepts are used to measure and weigh the knowledge produced and disseminated in and out of academia. They influence which institutes get a part of the financial cake, which researchers get to climb the career ladder, and which universities gets to shine on the academic sky.